pH is proud to welcome you to their premiere season of their improvised one-act musical, pHamily the Musical! pHamily is a show about the dynamics of a family and how relationships with your family members can affect your life. In pHamily we will explore all the nuances that make up any family and we will get your help to do it.

Each show will feature 6 excited performers and one magical musical director on the piano ready to weave whatever magical story you are ready to give us. You will help us name the character, create the character, shape events in their lives, and even give us the styles of songs we will sing. Be ready, because at any moment we could burst into song, or ask you for a suggestion of what happens next in our story. Its like a Choose Your Own Adventure Musical. Singing, dancing and making fun of families, what more do you want?

Sometimes touching, sometimes scary but always funny...pHamily. Everybody's is different.

CHICAGO READER REVIEW: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! pH Productions amps up its long-running improv show, pHamily, by adding melodramatic musical asides and operatic flair. Directed by Mike Descoteaux, who playfully accompanies the performance on keyboard, the ensemble embraces a challenging form in which offstage cast members frequently interrupt scenes for new audience suggestions, which often result in funny bits within bits. The players don't always edit themselves well, but they really connect with the crowd, shamelessly revealing themselves by expressing self-doubt ("I know so much about Belgium," one facetiously lamented after a suggestion) and self-mockery (after flubbing the word rugby another apologized with "I just had a stroke," inducing a slurred rap-video parody). At the performance I saw, Melissa Cathcart's well-tuned weirdness and quick wit set the standard. --Ryan Hubbard

GOLDSTAR EVENTS REVIEW: 4 STARS! This was a really great, high energy show. A lot of audience participation and it kept you wanting more at the end!


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